14,852 - Good Job, Everybody! ($555.00)

14,852 - Good Job, Everybody! ($555.00)

Judy Leathers
Hoover, AL USA

Width: 12" Length: 9"

Materials/Techniques: Photos of the quilts were copied to fabric. Each one was then fused to the black background, sewn and outline quilted (photos used with permission). Ami and Scooter were based on a photo from Scooter's Facebook page. They were fused to the background. Many thanks to Audrey Arno for locating photos of the quilts and emailing them to me. Included is a panoramic photo of the traveling exhibit, copied to fabric.

Artist Statement: Pictured are some of the quilts featured in the traveling exhibit, "Alzheimer's : Heartbreak to Hope". Ami and Scooter are seen leaving an exhibit; off to the next great adventure. A salute to everyone involved with AAQI. Good job!
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Dedication: To everyone involved in making AAQI a success. It has been a wonderful experience. Thanks, Ami.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $555 for the AAQI.