14,255 - Star Seven Rosette ($41.57)

14,255 - Star Seven Rosette ($41.57)

Daphne Stewart
Sunnyside, WA USA

Width: 8.75" Length: 8.75"

Materials/Techniques: Foundation/paper piecing; traditional piecing; low-loft batting; my own design using Electric Quilt software

Artist Statement: I designed this seven-armed star with 6-section foundation/paper pieced units, with the finished star inset in an outer circle.
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Dedication: To the many pairs of sisters who have so enriched my life. Starting with two Walther sisters, Melitta and Emily (my mom and favorite aunt) and including all the sister pairs who have been my inspiration and friends through the years. I never had a sister of my own but several sets of sisters have generously Ďadoptedí me and let me feel like Iím part of a large, loving family.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $41.57 for the AAQI.