13,930 - Forgotten Shore

13,930 - Forgotten Shore

Alda Vidrich
Charlottesville, VA USA

Width: 11" Length: 8.25"

Materials/Techniques: Free hand cut cotton and silk fabric shapes were arranged on batting and kept in place with a bit of glue and then sewn in place. Hand embroidery using silk threads of varying weights and metallic thread was used to extensively embellish the quilt.

Artist Statement: Alzheimer's is a disease that destroys a person's recognition of loved ones and the precious memories accumulated over a lifetime. This quilt was made with the hope that a cure will be found before too many more memories are erased.

Dedication: This quilts is dedicated to the memory of Luciano Rubinic, a dear cousin, who was born on the shores of the Adriatic and who was robbed of the memory of his homeland and of his beloved sea by Alzheimer's.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $64.67 for the AAQI.