13,406 - Pastel Dance ($50.81)

13,406 - Pastel Dance ($50.81)

Brenda Cloyd Kendrick
Cleveland, GA USA

Width: 9" Length: 11.25"

Materials/Techniques: I used Beth Hartford's hand-dyed fabrics (Quilters Stitch Together.com) that I received for completing the $1000 Promise. I added some fabric that I had dyed using a shaving cream marbling technique. I embellished it with machine embroidery stitches, a fabric heart, a button, and braided DMC thread.

Artist Statement: I had fun with this little quilt, learning some new techniques as I created it.
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Dedication: Dedicated to all those who care for those with Alzheimer's.

This quilt has a Hanging Ring.

This quilt earned $50.81 for the AAQI.