13,281 - Want A Cracker? ($80.00)

13,281 - Want A Cracker? ($80.00)

JoAnn Stowell
Longview, WA USA

Width: 10" Length: 8"

Materials/Techniques: It is drawn on PFD cloth and colored with Inktense pencils and water. It is free motion quilted and thread signed.

Artist Statement: As I have told the story before, my friend has exotic birds. When I first met her we were talking on the phone and she screamed, "Shut up. It was silent for a minute and then she said, "Those darn birds. So that is how I met Trilby many years ago and we are still friends. This is a tribute to her and those noisy birds.
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Dedication: To Momma and my two friends Barbara and Ele' who are great caregivers.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $80 for the AAQI.