13,035 - Circle of Red Wool Hearts Penny Rug ($45.00)

13,035 - Circle of Red Wool Hearts Penny Rug ($45.00)

Karen Hughes
San Diego, CA USA

Width: 8.75" Length: 8.75"

Materials/Techniques: The eight different pieces of red wool were hand-dyed either by professionals or me from recycled garments. They were buttonhole-stitched with wool thread by hand onto grey wool. The dog hairs are free and contributed with love by Sweet Bailey Brown and the back is a homespun flannel plaid. This is a traditional wool penny rug table quilt from a traditional pattern in the public domain.

Artist Statement: I made this quilt to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research, to show my support for the AAQI and to help fulfill my $1000 Promise pledge.

This quilt has a Plain Back.

This quilt earned $45.00 for the AAQI.