12,759 - Kitchen Shears ($41.57)

12,759 - Kitchen Shears ($41.57)

Leslie Frost
Trego, WI USA

Width: 9" Length: 11.75"

Materials/Techniques: This little quilt is 100% cotton. It was machine pieced, machine appliqued and machine quilted. The quilting is all straight lines and angles.

Artist Statement: This little quilt began as a challenge from my quilt guild: Make a quilt block that is inspired by a kitchen utensil. Well, one of my favorite kitchen tools happens to be scissors. These sturdy, serrated kitchen shears cut paper, vegetables, chicken, beef -- I could go on and on. The two blades come apart, to be washed separately, to get them very clean. I traced around the blades and handles, fused the parts onto this bright dot fabric, then just began adding borders, until it was done. I hope this finds a good spot in someone's kitchen or sewing room!
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Dedication: The quilt is for the caregivers -- the family, friends and neighbors who work to keep an Alzheimer's sufferer warm, fed, safe and happy. It's a big job, and they do it out of love.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $41.57 for the AAQI.