12,030 - Incongruity ($35.00)

12,030 - Incongruity ($35.00)

Miki Willa
Renton, WA USA

Width: 7.5" Length: 10.5"

Materials/Techniques: 100% cotton fabric, thread, and batting; machine pieced, appliquéd and quilted.

Artist Statement: I used to drive to work very early in the morning in Hawaii. At the corner, where I turned left onto Kamemeha Hwy, there was a tall retaining wall next to a service road. Out of that wall grew a tall tree. The roots grew down the side of the wall. The tree had been there a long time and was obviously doing well. It seemed very incongruous. I have always noticed these things; the one purple lupine in the meadow of Indian Paint Brush, the lone oak tree in the middle of the grassy field, the single yellow daisy where I planted only white ones. This little quilt was coming along nicely when I discovered the peony left from another project. It needed to be included. Incongruity.
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Dedication: To Lori Crammer.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $35.00 for the AAQI.