11,919 - Other Memories of Momma's Greenhouse ($60.00)

11,919 - Other Memories of Momma's Greenhouse ($60.00)

JoAnn Stowell
Longview, WA USA

Width: 7.5" Length: 9.5"

Materials/Techniques: I drew on white fabric and painted with acrylic paints and water. I free motion quilted and put some beads on. I used an extra thick batting so in places it has extra puff.

Artist Statement: When I was much younger my mother had what she called her poor manís greenhouse. The whole family learned to garden and are still doing it. One day she had prepared some soil and I was to plant some seeds; azalea seeds. I ripped the bag open and they disappeared. I said "oh momma they were like dust." I didn't know if they had landed in the soil or not. She grew these seeds and when we sold her house we dug up the plants and they went to my brother. He still has them and they are a variety that has a wonderful fragrance.
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Dedication: To my friends who are caregivers, Ele' and Barbara, and to all caregivers.

This quilt has a Hanging Ring.

This quilt earned $60.00 for the AAQI.