11,893 - Beautiful

11,893 - Beautiful

Lois Hicks
Boise, ID USA

Width: 8.75" Length: 8.25"

Materials/Techniques: The butterfly embroidery is Zundt Design Number 201082 from Butterfly 1. The embroidery threads are from Superior Threads. The quilt is embellished with 4mm pastel crystals.

Artist Statement: The purpose of this quilt is to assist Alzheimer’s patients and their caretakers to renew themselves by visiting a garden with lots of colors including butterflies and flowers. The funds from this quilt, which will be used for Alzheimer’s research, will assist in brighter futures for all of us.

Dedication: To Alzheimer patients and caretakers, as a method to enjoy the outdoors and become refreshed.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $32.33 for the AAQI.