10,518 - Path of Our Forefathers

10,518 - Path of Our Forefathers

Jules Rushing
Lantana, TX USA

Width: 9" Length: 12"

Designer: Original design

Materials/Techniques: Hand dyed cotton that has been surface treated. Hand dyed cotton batting, beads, cotton thread. Machine quilted, hand beaded

Artist Statement: The idea of this flag came to me from the flag hanging in the entry way of the Smithsonian. Thinking about the image of this restored flag, it reminds me of our forefathers and the thought process they went through to carve out the path of our country. Reading the writings of Thomas Jefferson, I know it was a hard process, done with a great deal of prayer and obedience to God. I'm thankful for the process in building our beautiful country and wish we could get our current leaders back to working together instead of tearing us apart. Made for the Dallas Area Fiber Artists, 2012 "Pathways" Alzheimer’s Quilt Challenge
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Dedication: To all service people who fought so bravely for our country, today and in the decades past.

This quilt has a Traditional Sleeve.

This quilt earned $60.05 for the AAQI.