10,292 - Cherry Limeade ($64.67)

10,292 - Cherry Limeade   ($64.67)

Audrey Arno
Tuttle, OK USA

Width: 8.75" Length: 12"

Designer: Original design

Materials/Techniques: We used to make scarves (I think we called them fascinators) by cutting pieces of fabric with 45 degree ends, and sewing them together which made a tube. Cutting strips from the tube makes bias strips that can be used in many ways.

Artist Statement: As soon as I pulled the green fabrics I thought of how I like limeade. When I added the red, of course, it was what I like even better, cherry limeade; colorful and refreshing.
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This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $64.67 for the AAQI.