757 - Vintage Contrasts ($50)

757 - Vintage Contrasts ($50)
Audrey Arno
Tuttle, OK   USA

Width: 8"   Length:11"

Materials/Techniques: Over 100 different pieces of fabric from the 1930s thru the 1960s are in this simply pieced quilt. They are re-cut from 2” square scraps left over from clothing my mother made during that time span. A very few pieces are used twice, once with the right side showing and again with the reverse side up. While there were a lot of light and pastel pieces, also bright and dark pieces were saved. The backing is cut from a piece of white fabric like what we used to make tablecloths from during that time.

Dedication: To the memory of my mother, who saved so many things – things she couldn’t even remember at the end of her life. But I know she would be glad that others can appreciate them.

This quilt is displayed with a traditional sleeve.

This quilt earned $50 for Alzheimer's research.