1 Of Course It's A Horse

1 Of Course It's A Horse
Ami Simms & Beebe Moss
Flint, MI USA

Width: 9" Height: 10.75"
Materials/techniques: Hand dye-stamped cotton; machine appliqued; machine quilted.

"My Mom stamped the horse on white fabric and then painted a yellow background around it. (This was when her Alzheimer's was in the early stages; she is no longer able to do this now.) I cut the horse away from the original background and machine appliqued it to the purple fabric using a blanket stitch. The purple fabric is similarly appliqued to the brown border. The machine quilted hearts in the purple fabric."

PS: Astute readers will no doubt notice that the name of this quilt changed overnight from "It's A Horse, Of Course" to "Of Course It's A Horse." My bad. When I signed the quilt very late on January 1, I forgot what I called it! They say confession is good for the soul, so there you go. Perhaps, like stamps and coins with "misprints" it will increase the value of the quilt. :)

This quilt raised $80 for Alzheimer's research.